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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Time for the Ten Hour Tidy

While the weather and the calendar may not be helping us make much progress, the delivery truck has arrived again bringing another vital piece to the effort.  We have been desperately in need of two things, first, a good way to clean up all of the woody debris created in clearing fairways through the brush (mostly an invasive species called Autumn Olive), and second, some obvious paths to lead players from the last basket to the next tee (not just another deer trail).  Those two things have just been made possible.

So far it has only been run for a few hours, but so far it's impact has been impressive.  Now, when it is too wet to lay in tee boxes or our trusty troupe of volunteers falls below the threshold for installing tee boxes, we will be able to focus on cleaning up all the many bits of foot tangle and mower mangle not to mention some of the truly impressively large piles of woody dross scattered about.

For you early adopters - when you hear this beastie running somewhere on the course you may want to skip a hole or two to stay clear of the work in progress.  We will not be sympathetic to complaints that "the chipper ate my disc!".

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