11706 County Farm Road, Aurora, IN 47001

39°09'01.69" N 85°02'10.36" W

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Course Map for the Desperate

We love that folks are really up for a new Disc Golf course, and while the course is not officially open, Co. Farm is a public park and open for a good hike, dawn to dusk.   And just in case you happen to have a disc along and decide to test the course out,  just so you won't get lost, here is the current and likely permanent layout for our course at County Farm Park.

Please be careful as you walk the property.  This is no tame PGA meadowland - there are still plenty of sticks and branches, stumps and vines and thorns, not to mention more than a few sinkholes.  Things will eventually become a bit more civilized, but till then, you are responsible for your own safety.

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